Sunday, June 23, 2013


I posted recently about respect and loyalty often missing from the conversation about what we like in leaders -- and leadership.

Another recent posting reminded me that I should have also included "credibility". In her posting, Linda Bourne tells us that credibility is built upon a foundation of trust and respect -- I agree -- and other contributors are reliability (do what you say you are going to do) and a convincing demeanor (sincerity, belief conveyed, the aura of truth)

Of course, in my earlier posting, I mentioned 'command presence' which more or less puts all of these leadership attributes in a package, the objective of which is leadership effectiveness.

Command presence, -- if you've not thought about it before -- as given on
Command Presence is essentially your ability to project your position as one of authority in a professional sense, to others in your environment. How you are perceived by those around you defines your level of Command presence.

The vast majority of time, command presence is expressed as a non-verbal communication to those around you and is determined at first glance or through your first instructions, interactions or comments.

Your appearance, including your posture and personal presentation in how you walk, speak and the gestures you use all project your personal "Command Presence".

"Walking with INTEGRITY" is the essence of Command Presence.

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