Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Changing the RMP exam

If you're thinking about taking the RMP exam for risk management credentials from PMI, you should be aware that the test content will change in August, 2013.

PMI has recently completed a RDS (Role Delination Study) for the RMP. A FAQ on this RDS is useful reading if you are headed for the test this year.

PMI has updated the outline of the RMP test content, adding one domain (now five) for testing and expanding the tasks within domains to 31.

Take note: the five domains vis a vis the RMP exam are not mapped to the six process steps of the risk management knowledge area in Chapter 11 of the 5th Edition to the PMBOK Guide. This is something you would have to do for yourself if you want to get the relationships here.

And, by the way, the 5th Edition is the one to study for the test. (Don't forget the PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management, a new version of which has not been published)

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