Thursday, April 12, 2012

Road warriors

I've put in my time as a road warrior. Around the world on PANAM 1; 2 1/2 million miles domestically; and a lot of hotel nights. But, my experience is dated.

In a recent article on the changing accessories in business hotel accommodations we learn that "wireless is like air" to the millennials that are now part of the travelling business crowd.

But beyond a charging station at every chair and wall-to-wall wireless, we hear that iPads are now offered in every room, replacing conventional controls for lights and environment, but also serving up the morning paper.

The old days of carrying a case of dial-up phone connectors and adapters is sure a long way into the history books. But, some millennials were hardly born when that was de facto standard.

My own experience is similar: This summer, while on vacation along the Maine coast, I was simultaneously teaching an e-course, keeping up with student emails on a smart phone, and posting lesson commentary on a laptop by night.  (My observation of this work-play: not for those without an accomodating spouse)

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