Wednesday, December 28, 2011

IT technology Top Ten

Michael Cooney has posted Gartner's Top Ten for IT technology:
The Top 10 Trends and their impact, briefly include:

1. The evolution of virtualization: ... virtualization will ultimately drive more companies to treat IT [more] like a business. [Perhaps, but virtualization will more likely continue to change our idea of borders and boundaries, making them more virtual than real]

2. Big data, patterns and analytics: Unstructured data will grow some 80% over the course of the next five years, creating a huge IT challenge.

3. Energy efficiency and monitoring: The power issue has moved up the food corporate food chain.... An average x86 server that is turned on, but idle, will draw upward of 65% of its nameplate wattage, for example. 

4. Context aware apps: ...  context-based computing will go beyond the business intelligence applications and truly make a unified communications environment possible .

5. Staff retention and retraining: Loyalty to one company is not a quality found in new workers.

6. Social networks:    Ignoring social networking is not an option

7. Consumerization: The key trend here is the fact that new application types will be developed to address mobile users but they won't be desktop replacement applications. 

8. Compute per square foot:  ... average server performance can move from today's paltry 7% to 12% average to 40% to 50%, yielding huge benefits in floor space and energy savings. 

9. Cloud computing ...the biggest benefits of cloud computing are built-in elasticity and scalability.

10. Fabrics: Gartner defines this infrastructure convergence as: The vertical integration of server, storage, and network systems and components ...
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