Friday, June 24, 2011

Dr Management

I was given a tip to look at Dr Management, PhD, a blog link aggregator site on business and management blogs. I am impressed.

If you navigate around a bit, you come to "Top 50 blogs by business professors". The good thing is that this is not just a list of 50 links. Instead, the links are organized by major topic, and there is a explanatory headline for each.

Now, ordinarily, I gravitate to less academic blogs, but nonetheless, there are a group of blogs on technology in business, and another grouping that addresses leadership, both ideas I follow closely.

One interesting one in the technology category is Tom Davenport's site where you find topics like: "25 Years After Challenger, has NASA's judgment improved?"

And, in the leadership area: Jeffery D. Ford's blog is a great read. Example: "Does anyone really believe that a jerk of a leader can successfully engage people in a change if she simply follows the right steps?"

So, 50 links!

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