Saturday, December 11, 2010


Microtasking. Is microtasking something that is coming to a project near you? Should you be the first your block to do it?

In a recent article, microtasking was explained as subdividing a task into tasks so small that they could be executed in a few seconds, perhaps a minute.

What kind of tasks are these? Mostly repetitive tasks. One task is filling in blanks on a form; another is transcribing sentences in a document; another could be loading a database.

Is this practical? Well, there are a couple of companies providing microtasking as a service, and other companies building tools, primarily web-based tools, to make it possible for others to do it for themselves, or contract to have it done.

Could it work in a project? Is it the ultimate Agile, or the ultimate 'federalism' of project management? I don't know. I'm not aware that it's been tried.

But like social networking, cloud computing, virtual teams, and a host of other technology driven ideas, micotasking, or perhaps its bigger cousin, millitasking, could be coming to a project near you!

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