Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sausage making

It seems like the popular media and the spread of real-time networking has exposed sausage making [i.e. "the process"] to many new initiates that had no idea "that's how it's done". To many, the details of "getting there" are disconcerting, even disgusting. Unfortunately, many get caught up by the drama of the process and overlook the value of the results.

Projects are not immune: many stakeholders are exposed to project processes like never before. Dashboards, elaborate workflow engines, tweets from embedded associates, and all other manner of project detail is now 'out there'.

The key to success in the more transparent environment is the same key as before: focus on results and accomplishments. Be sure that value is only earned--and credit given--for results, not for process and effort.

In the end, the process will be forgotten; even heroic efforst will be forgotten, but results--delivered to users, customers, and stakeholders--will be a permanent memorial to the success of the project.

Photo: wickenden/flickr

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