Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 levels of Agile Planning

A nice summary of agile planning over several time cycles is given in this figure posted at the

There is a pretty good white paper to go along with the figure, entitled "Scaling Agile Processes: Five Levels of Planning".  Fortunately, to give some credibility to his thesis, the author says right up front that agile methods don't scale to enterprise level without some changes!  He is so right.

But even large scale organizations, like DoD, have embraced some tenants of agile methods.  You can check out some of the references to DoD practices in the white paper I wrote on agile in the DoD.  Or, you can take a look at one of DoD's software journals, "Crosstalk" and search the journal for 'agile',  at the Software Technology Support Center.  Or, give a read to "Project Management the Agile Way: Making it work in the enterprise"

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