Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project CEO's of something

Ever thought about being a CEO of something on your project?  That's the question and the theme of an interesting interview with entrepreneur Mark Pincus  in the "Corner Office" [The New York Times, Sunday January 31, 2010]

Actually, Pincus is describing how he solved another problem: scaling personnel management beyond what he considers practical for the personal touch: about 50 people.

His solution is low tech, but it's easy to see how it could work: Give everybody a sticky note and a white board and ask them to write down what they want to be CEO of--something for which they will take personal responsibility, for which they will be the playmaker and make it happen!

Everyone that has managed more than a small team can remember the first time their management role took them out of close physical proximity to the team--a move into an office, a move to another building or floor, or venue. Good grief! How do I manage if I can't observe what's going on?

Making a team of little CEO's may be the answer!

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