Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That Financial Alphabet-DCF,EVA,NPV,IRR-for Program Managers

Good grief: talk about acronyms!  It's enough to keep up with the earned value system--PV, AC, EV, SPI, CPI, ETC, EAC--and now add in the accounting world.

In a whitepaper I wrote some time ago, I shed a little light on accounting for project managers.

It's entitled That Financial Alphabet�DCF, EVA, NPV: are they affecting your project?

For many in the crowd, this is pretty sleepy stuff, but wake up long enough to take notice that many projects never see the light of day because of unfavorable discounted cash flow--what's that?--and other projects get cancelled mid-stream, and still others disappoint their sponsors in ways that can rub on program managers.

So, it may be worth your while to take a few notes and be able to discuss your project with your accountant.

After all:
Cash is fact; profit is an opinion.

Is your project likely to make a profit for your enterprise, and are you being a good steward of cash?  You might be surprised--Check it out!