Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Being Agile with Kano Analysis

Kano analysis is a new product requirements tool that gives visualization to the relative merits, or value, of requirements. Agile is a project method that focus' on intimate customer involvement in the development of new user value.

The slideshow below gives some of the highpoints of the Kano tool in the context of the Agile method.

You will see that one quadrant of the Kano chart is the 'customer delight' quadrant. Here, often latent requirements emerge and become product 'ah-hah!'s. Ah-hah!s are the real discriminators. These are the ones that will fascinate users, heighten their interest in the project, and become the grist for early adopters.

It's around the ah-hah!s that you can build the project theme -- the real value proposition for the customer.

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